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Step 1

Contact Professional White Glove Services Office
CALL us  directly at 650-465-7397 or email our Representative
Theresa Marie Daniels at:

You’ll be asked a few questions to help us determine whether becoming a professional trained White Glove Service Cold Capper/Technician is the right fit for you!

We hire full time, part time, seasonal, and travel professionals

WGS also offers the ONLY “internship” program in the cold cap industry for current or newly graduated Nursing Students.


Step 2

Training with a Mentor

Professional WGS Certified Cold Cap Technicians/Cappers are trained and ready to go in just 3 to 5 onboarding training sessions through both ZOOM Video training, ZOOM “documentation and reporting and ethic and compliance training”, and finally,  Hands On Training in live hospital settings.  Our certified and professionally trained Professional WGS Technicians/Cappers are trained alongside other WGS Professionals, your Mentors,  to ensure you gain years of knowledge and trust from your trainer.  Our seasoned associates are there to introduce you to his unique and exciting career. 

Step 3

Start Capping as a White Glove Service Professional Cold Capper

Once you are fully trained and receive your Penguin Cold Cap WGS Kit (shipped to your home) we will add you to our Professional WGS Team and will begin scheduling you with clients. (You set your own schedule and days of availability) *You are never left alone as we ensure a WGS Rep with years of experience will oversee your first one or two trainings or clients to ensure your confidence and how to “explain” the product, process, face prep, dry ice rotations, temp taking, and hair care!  When you feel “ready”, you can then go solo and reach out to your Professional WGS Rep for help 24/7.


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Since our inception in 2016, when we first created the professional “White Glove Services” to Penguin Cold Cap clients who rent the Penguin Cold Caps Kits, and specifically though our sponsor Penguin Cold Caps White Glove Services Inc, we have proudly assisted over a dozen associates in hands on in hospital trainings through our Internship Program.  Our Interns have gone on to become “Registered Nurses and/or Oncology Nurses” at the very hospitals they worked as professional WGS Associates/Cappers.  This summer, seasonal, and for a few, yearly internship program allows our “interns” a paid internship with the unique opportunity to work at numerous hospitals and centers that are similar to a traveling nurse.  Once the interns experience the various “cultures” unique to each location, we provide a “reference” and provide “referral letters” to assist the interns into full time permanent positions.  LET US HELP YOU LAUNCH YOUR CAREER!  Call us at 650-465-7397

We may be able to assist you with Marketing, Communications, or  Human Relations Internships as well. Call us to find out!

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