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White Glove Services for Monthly Rental Clients

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Compassionate Caring for Cancer Patients.....Penguin Cold Caps allow the Client to take control of how they look and feel during Chemotherapy! 

Personal White Glove Services Advocates assist Chemotherapy Clients from Hospital to Home Care. We are there to provide Cold Capping Assistance so you can relax and take care of you and your health on Chemotherapy Days!

We are there for you to provide the "human touch and side to cancer treatments".  We are there when your family can not be, especially during the pandemic.  Each and every one of our professional trained Penguin Cold Cap Cappers has been "touched by cancer", so we are very empathic in assisting you and your family.

how to start

How To Start

Please read the steps carefully. 


Renting Penguin Cold caps and Shipping Policy

TERMS AND CONDITIONS For the purpose of this Rental/Hire Agreement, “Medical Specialties of California UK Ltd” shall mean Medical Specialties of California UK Ltd (the company), trading as Penguin Cold Caps, its owners, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, representatives, licensees, cap fitters and “Hirer” shall mean the “User of the Equipment”, its agents, representatives and/or employees, and if the payee is a different name to the Hirer, the payee is bound into this agreement to undertake the payment(s) obligations of the Hirer. Hiring of the Equipment, herein “the Rental Equipment” or “Rental Equipment” or “Equipment” as described in the order form or this Rental Agreement.

How It Works


When using our White Glove Service (Full Day- 8 Hours), our professional White Glove Service Associate will return the Penguin Cold Cap Kit for you as part of our service.

If using the At Home Training or the 3 Hour In-Hospital Training, you as the client will need to RETURN THE ENTIRE KIT to the Penguin Depot in Michigan.  Ask your Associate for return information once your Chemo treatments are done.

** We do not offer refunds as part of our White Glove Service, Live Training, or At Home Training for personal use.   All Cold Capping is offered on a voluntary basis and therefore, the client is aware there are no guarantees , even with professional service.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation of personal service or training within 48 hours of scheduled time results in $125.00 cancellation fee, plus the cost of Dry Ice. Cancellations due to lab reports resulting in doctors rescheduling treatments are excluded from this fee. The charge for Medical Cancelation is $75, plus ICE Cancellations upon the arrival or start of Capping Services due to clients choice is charged full day rate , plus the cost of dry ice. IMPORTANT: If WGS Capper already starts capping the rate the cancelation goes up to the next price point: $250 if 2 hours , $395 if 3 hours, and $555 if 6 or more hours occur before the canceled treatment.

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